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Affordable Art Basel! Exhibition



The Affordable Art Basel Exhibition will be held at L0 Gallery of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre from 31 July to 9 August.

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買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel!眾籌行動
Crowdfunding for Affordable Art Basel!

買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel!》計劃,既探討與介入Art Basel降臨香港後的藝術世界(Art World)狀況,也希望針對有關藝術的價值、可轉換性、功能等備受爭議的概念,引發討論和新的論述場域。



The Affordable Art Basel! project seeks to examine and intervene in the ‘post-Art Basel’ art world in Hong Kong, prompting discussions about artistic value, reversibility and functionality.

The project operates on modest resources, and it is our hope that all participating artists and contributors are rewarded for their endeavours. Please support our crowdfunding campaign to help realizing this 'contemporary art exhibition, educational and publication project for 99% of the public'!

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Affordable Art Basel, Part II: The Vernissage



Initiated by Hong Kong Urban Laboratory, the Affordable Art Basel project seeks to intervene into the relationships among the general Hong Kong public, local artists and an art fair through direct engagement. Participating artists will discuss how they take an art fair to create a moment for art pedagogy for people to share and exchange ideas in the public realm.

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The Trail: Village is Where We Meet (Again)





Tonight we all belong to Village M. We are residents, or descendants, of the deserted Village M on this island. Only a blessed few have the chance to attend the general assembly of Village M, which is held once every 120 years.

Not only are M villagers looking forward to the homecoming tonight, but travellers who stumbled upon here by chance are also returning for fond stories and memories.

So see you at the open space on the island.

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