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Once There Was a Factory




Part I
2pm – 4pm

Part II
4pm – 9pm


*「從前有棟廠」為與媒體藝術家Jason Lam空城計劃合作的計劃,是香港當代文中心/MaD策劃的「公民進行式」節目的一部份。

The job of a storyteller is to lure the listener into the world of imagination, away from the reality. This time, there will be a twist in the plot – anyone can become a storyteller in a real urban space, and the story goes like this: 'once there was a factory…'

‘Once There Was a Factory’ aimed at intervening into the 'Energising Kowloon East' controversy. Participants were led from the event venue to an industrial building and the surrounding areas. Guests familiar with Kwun Tong shared their stories. The chain of conversations was a simulation of the operation of a civil society. Visitors were encouraged to spread their insights on urban revitalisation. 

The programme is comprised of 2 parts:

Part I
2pm – 4pm
The tour: we will bring walk-in participants a secret place away from the venue of Citizens on the Move. Afterwards, participants will return to the venue to share what they just saw or heard.
Tour begins at: 2:30pm, 3pm, 3:30pm, 4pm. First come, first served.

Part II
4pm – 9pm
Installation: an interactive video installation will be set up at the venue. Visitors will be able to hear stories collected by Part I participants.

Date: 20.9.2013
Venue: 126 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
Free admission

*Once There Was a Factory is created in collaboration with new media artist Jason Lam and Emptyscape. It is a part of Citizens on the Move, organised by Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture / MaD.

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