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Tin Shui Cooperative – Tin Shui Wai Topology



7月5日、12日、19日-3pm – 7pm
7月26日-1pm – 5pm





 Urban Lab will host "Tin Shui Wai Topology", an urban intervention workshop held over 4 consecutive Saturday afternoons. It is a part of "Jockey Club Make a Difference School Studio in-Situ: Tin Shui Cooperative". Apart from us, there will be 5 other workshops hosted by other artists.

Tin Shui Wai Topology Workshop
Let’s think of Tin Sau Bazaar not as an island, but one of the many nodes in a community network where different people come together to exchange resources. We will walk extensively, observe attentively, and fix the broken links in the suburb by street interventions. The workshop comprises 4 sessions. To fully enjoy a continuous experience and facilitate group work, please make sure you can commit to all sessions before you register.

Date and time:
5, 12, 19 July – 3pm – 7pm
26 July – 1pm – 5pm (tentative)

Venue: Tin Sau Bazaar (Tin Sau Road, Tin Shui Wai)

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*MaD will contact you after registration

A Midsummer Night's Fair
On 26 July i.e. the last day of the programme, all artists and participants will join to create a "A Midsummer Night's Fair". There will be urban interventions, community kitchen, locally produced MTVs, 'Pui Pui the crocodile' and more site-inspired creative elements to bring out the spatial potential inside and outside Tin Sau Bazaar. All members of the public and Tin Shui Wai residents are welcome. No registration required!

*If you are participating in Tin Shui Wai Topology, please also try to reserve time for A Midsummer Night's Fair as this is a great opportunity for you to exhibit your work and getting to know local residents and other artists!

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